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NewCastle Red Winner !!!!

Good morning, life is still hectic in the Potty household !!! Pups are now 6 weeks old and have turned into Poop machines so it is a full time job in itself just chasing around them and keeping the washing machine going !!! So much so that it is hard to find time to sit down to write a blog post and also acknowledge our winners. We had one amazing red winner last weekend at Newcastle - North East

Comicon. Our wonderful winner was Sophie !! Well done Sophie :) We have a busy 3 weeks coming up now. This weekend we will be in Leicester for the first ever Comicon Mania event on Saturday. Then on Sunday we are in Hull for Unleashed events. The following weekend is Liverpool comicon which is one of our favourite events ever !!! Then, we will be at Magna in Sheffield for the HorrorconUk !!! Busy busy busy. Look out for a discount code for Liverpool comcion too !!!! Right, i have made enough for this weekend's events so now it is time to focus on Liverpool !!!!

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