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Lack of Blog posts

Firstly I need to apologise to all you wonderful people of Aberdeen !!! I have been very slack with my posting after returning from an absolutely fantastic weekend in Aberdeen !!! Every year this event gets better and better and hopefully you will have already bought your tickets for next years event !!! (March 1st & 2nd 2025 !!) Anyway, back to why I have been slacking.....3 weeks ago our beautful family pet Leia had 6 amazing puppies and honestly it is more tiring than having children so I am blaming puppy duty !!! I will, however, get back on track and do my event update for our amazing Red winners. Saturday saw 3 winners,.,.yes 3 !!! Sunday was just 1 amazingly lucky guy !!! Anyway, next up for us is Gateshead this weekend on Sunday with Unleashed events at the Fed on Lancaster Road in Gateshead from 11a.m until on door (cash is king !!!!) and then the following weekend we are back in Newcastle, back with Monopoly events at the Utilita arena in Newcastle for both Saturday 13th & Sunday April 14th !!!

P.S Pamela I haven't forgotten about looking for your Lost boys picture xxxx

Until next time xxxxx Sam

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