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What an AMAZING Weekend !!!

Happy Wednesday, yes i know it is Wednesday and we got back from Liverpool on Sunday night but we then went and did another event in Buxton on Monday which was also amazing !!! So, what a busy and crazy weekend !!! As always our stand was super busy all weekend and we got to see so many of our lovely regular customers which is always brilliant !!!

Monday for me was spent dealing with general stuff like Laundry and cleaning...oh and also the 6 puppies we have while Gaz and our Daughter eli manned the stall at Buxton ! Now things are returning to normal, I am able to pop an update here and also make up my orders that we received over the weekend from the show and also online....busy busy !!!

As always our Lucky dip was very busy and popular and we had 4........yes 4 amazing Red winners over the 2 days !!! We had Lucas who chose a set of Kanto pokemon badges, Amy & Adam chose one of my now sold out Hobbit frames. Laurelee chose my Liverpool Triple pic and finally Danielle picked my Triple Queen frame. Well done to you all, the Pokemon Ball was very generous this weekend. We had loads of comments too about how many people had the same types of lucky dips this year on their tables but good to hear that ours was still thought of as the best !!!

So, what is next for Going Potty with Sam ??? Well, we are over at Magna in Rotherham this weekend for Horrorcon UK. It is our first time at this event and we cannot wait to see how this works for us as we love all things Horror! The traders who are going look absolutely amazing so I'm thinking i may spend more than we make !!!!

We will hopefully see you soon, Sam & Gaz xxxxx

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