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A bit more about me

I am married with four kids, Jamie who is 25, Ellie who is 24 , Sophie who is 20 & Alex who is 15. I have been married to Gaz for 11 years and we live in Handforth with our cats Buzz, Jess, Bandit, and our dog Leia.


I have always been quite arty; it was really the only thing I was good at when I was at school. I always wanted to find something creative to turn my artistic side to but just had never found the right match for me.

​After being diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2013 I stopped working but once all of the treatment had ended I was left at a loose end, not able to go back to work but wanting to occupy myself. I started painting terracotta pots and we had a BBQ in our garden to sell to friends and family, donating the money to Breast Cancer Care, Look Good Feel Better and also the Aurora Well Being Centre. This has gone on to be an annual event and we have raised over £15000.

I started selling images made by my son but after a while he got fed up with me asking him to make me new images so I learnt how to make them myself. I started creating new images and ideas, added music sheet images to my repertoire and now I have 100's of designs and take orders for bespoke creations.

The selling bug had begun to bite and for the first few years it was just me and my pots & pebbles at craft events, Makers markets and school events but then one day I decided to do a Comicon in Buxton and have never looked back. I did a lot of smaller Comic-Cons on my own but our set up quickly evolved and I went from having 1 table to 2 tables…then 3 and then fast forward 5 years to today and now you will find both myself and my husband Gaz on the stand. Our set up is huge as we sell a huge selection of pictures,  a vast range of Rare plush toys & vinyl badge sets & Mystery bags and, of course, the chance to win wonderful prizes with our unique Pokeball ball lucky dip !

You will now find us at all kinds of events from our much loved smaller events to the big 2/3 day events at the NEC, ICC centres and many more places. I have an upcoming event page on my website where you will see all our future shows.

Hopefully we will see you there soon x

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