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Hi, welcome back !!!

We are now back trading at our events which is so exciting ! It is so fantastic to be back with you all. I have updated our Event's page so you can see where we will be for the rest of the year and we may add more so we look forward to seeing you all soon !!!!

At the moment my shop is not accepting payments as Wix want to charge me so please just use the link on this site to my Facebook page and message me what you would like to purchase.

Look after yourselves, love Sam xxxxx


Welcome to my Potty website

I started painting pots & pebbles for fun whilst recovering from my treatment for Breast Cancer. I then decided to paint quite a lot and sell them to help raise money for Breast Cancer Care. I sold so many at our Annual Fundraising BBQ and took orders for many more. Over the past 5 years we have managed to raise nearly £10,000 which has been donated to Breast Cancer Care, Look Good Feel Better and also the Aurora Well Being Centre .

I now also produce Framed Dictionary & Music Prints of all your favourite characters. If you don't see what you are looking for on my website please just ask. I can do any characters so if you don't see who you are looking for or have your own ideas just message or call me.

I am always making new designs for my pictures.  I'm up for trying out requests so ask away. I


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You can email me directly through my website and I will get back to you within 24 hours.



Various different products & designs are already made and can be purchased whenever.

If you want to order a specific design or Dictionary Print or request something that isn't shown on my site please just ask

Individual & personalised designs will need to be ordered separately and will take longer to produce and receive.


Here are some examples of my work. I am always happy to produce designs in different colours, just ask. I have recently updated a lot of my pictures and added a lot of new ones. More pictures coming soon


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Xmas Pots
Xmas Pots

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So a bit about me. I am married with two sons, Jamie who is 23 & Alex who is 14. I have been married to Gaz for 11 years and we live in Handforth with our cats Jess & Bandit and our dog Leia - yes we like Star Wars !!! I have always been quite arty, it was really the only thing I was good at when I was at school. I always wanted to find something creative to turn my artistic side to but just had never found the right match for me.


After being diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2013 I stopped working but once all of the treatment had ended I was left at a loose end, not able to go back to work but wanting to occupy myself. I started painting the Terracotta pots in my garden and as my friends saw them they started asking if I could paint some for them. We then held a charity BBQ to support Breast Cancer Care and I sold a lot of my work to raise money. So, that is how this all started. I had also started selling images made by my son but after a while he got fed up of me asking him to make me new images so he showed me how to do it and the world was my Oyster !

I started creating new images and ideas, added Music sheet images to my gallery and now i have 100's of designs and take orders for bespoke creations.

I had so much stock that my husband suggested doing a craft event so this is how we started out. For the first few years it was just me and my pots & pebbles but the framed pictures slowly took over and we found them easier to transport. I was doing craft events, Makers markets and school events but then one day I decided to do a Comicon in Buxton and that day changed every thing for the business. From that day on we have not looked back. I did a lot of smaller Comicons on my own but our set up quickly evolved and I went from having 1 table to a table with a backer and then fast forward 5 years to today and now you will find both myself and my husband Gaz on the stand. We have 2 tables and backers, sometimes 3. Our set up is huge and more professional and we sell the pictures and also a vast range of Rare plush toys & vinyl , badge sets & Mystery bags, You may also know us for our Pokeball ball Lucky dip !

You will now find us at all kinds of events from our much loved smaller events to the big 2/3 day events at the NEC, ICC centres and many more places. I have an upcoming event page on my website where you will see all our future shows.

Hopefully we will see you there soon x

Sam & Gaz









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